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Reiki Explained

Apart from being a psychotherapist, I am also a Master Reiki practitioner taught in the tradition of Dr. Usui, the founder of the Reiki healing method. If you are unfamiliar with this form of alternative medicine, please allow me to give you a brief introduction to it.

Of Japanese origin, Reiki is a healing technique used to reduce stress, enhance relaxation and improve overall health and well being. This is administered through safe and simple therapeutic touch or by distance meditation.

The positive effects of Reiki encompass body, emotions, mind and spirit. Healing also takes place in certain areas of pain, illness or injury.

Treatments induce a wonderful positive energy which flows through and around you, creating a general feeling of peace and relaxation. As this transpires, stress levels may go down.

The energy that comes into play is regarded as life energy. This is the same electromagnetic energy keeping us alive and allows our bodies to heal themselves naturally.

Reiki is simple yet  very effective. Helpful to anyone willing to try, it is a natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement.

Essential mantras used in Reiki meditation sessions revolve around these three thoughts:

1. Just for today, do not worry.

2. Just for today, do not anger.

3. Just for today, be kind to all living things.

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